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Children's Ministry



Children are a vital part of our church community and it is important that they feel welcome, are included and empowered for ministry and worship.

Faith is developed in the context of relationships and thus it is extremely important that children are able to build healthy relationships both in the home and at church – parents, mentors, faith friend and role models. This is why Children’s Ministries also a huge emphasis on intergenerational connection and events – in particular intergenerational worship, service and evangelism.

Training leaders for children is a key priority and there are many resources available. 

Children's Ministry Coordinator

You have been asked to serve as a Children’s Ministries Coordinator – for children 0-14 years.  Children need to be disciples of Jesus NOW.  What a wonderful opportunity you have to help them build a lifelong, loving relationship to Jesus and His church through discipleship, worship, community, service, stewardship and outreach. This guide has been designed to help you get started in this ministry. Click here to download

General Conference Children’s Coordinator Book

The Children's Ministries Coordinator Handbook is a step-by-step guide for organizing Children's Ministries in your local church. It was put together by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Department of Children Ministries.  

Click here to read The Children's Ministries Coordinator Handbook online.


General Conference Pastors & Elders Handbook

This booklet is a guide for pastors, elders, volunteer children's leaders, parents and others in the local church who wish to understand and learn how to organize a new children's ministry or strengthen an existing one. 

Available online, at your local Adventist Book Centre or contact us


Certificate of Children’s Ministries

Coordinating children’s ministries in the local church requires more than passion and a love for children.  Children’s leaders and teachers need to understand children and how they grow their faith.  They need to know how to organize programs, teach children, nurture them and meet their needs.  Therefore, the Children’s Ministries Leadership Certification program can be used for such leadership training on a regular basis.  These courses can be taught as seminars during teachers’ conventions, leadership training or certification weekends.  It may take one to two years to complete all nine courses, after which a certificate from the Division will be given to each participant.

Contact us if you are interested in joining a 2 week learning block. 


Shaping Lifelong Faith 

Making lifelong disciples of children and youth is a key priority of our church. We believe that it is time to have the important discussions on what formational experiences they need. In partnership with the Interdenominational National conversationhere2stay South Pacific Division and Australian Conferences Children’s Ministries have put together 7 Essential Experiences that will shape this faith that stays. We want this faith to be deep, and it needs to be strong and active. 

To read more about shaping life long faith through Faith Shaper click here


The Child Friendly Church

This special pack of poster’s and study workshops had been designed as a response to the United Nations’ 30th Anniversary of the year of the Child 2009.

In reflecting on the important place children need to have in our churches, we have ten promises that each church should consider making to the children who are a part of the congregation and community.

Download The Child-Friendly Church Poster Pack PDF here

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